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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Who is the ancient Chinese world "Chang'e"

The ancient myths and legends of Chang E, is an extraordinary beautiful Moon Fairy, customs and folklore of the "Mid-Autumn Festival worship" is derived from the legend of the Moon. But the legend is, after all, the legend, in the Chen emperor Chen Shubao harem was certainly a living Gui Palace "(Ezekiel Yee Kok), tame rabbits, the emperor calls for" Chang E. The Chang E "is the Chen emperor's favorite concubine Lihua.

Fight for his son-London Olympics

37-year-old, she has participated in five Olympic Games. Retired after the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, and then marry and have children. But in 2002 her son was diagnosed with leukemia, she had to return to the game due to the high medical expenses. She said: "equal to € 3,000 in prize money for a World Championship gold medal, this is my only recourse." She is 丘索维金娜, a great mother. London Olympics, cheer for her!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Strange folk remedies

Strange folk remedies! Lima, Peru, a harbor eight months pregnant women received dolphin therapy. It is said that dolphins ultrasound can stimulate the growth and development of the brain of the fetus. Japanese Hakone Kowakien guests, enjoy the hot spring fish therapy. Feet let the fish eat dead skin, the treatment of skin diseases.

Magical:Apple naturally divided into a half red and half green

This is not a PS prank, this is a miracle accidentally discovered by the British one called Ken Morrish, the elderly in their own gardens of fruit trees. This apple is naturally divided into two and half red and half green color, and almost separate from the middle of the perfect region. Even the experts also shouted magic, said this case is only a millionth chance.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Japan's most popular comics

【Japan's most popular comics

Recently, a Japanese Press degree of popularity for comics of public opinion survey, the number of respondents 943, the top five is:

The first "One Piece" 11.9%;

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

In Bali, Indonesia Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, a five-star hotel with its unique double volley pool continues the natural curve of the mountainside, to face the jungle.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Colombia has one named CanoCristales river

The river wear festive costumes, beautiful and amazing! - A named CanoCristales river in Colombia, about 100 kilometers, the river have different colors of algae, it will appear in the annual period of time in several colors, people call it the Rainbow River or colored river . Unfortunately, the color of the river can only persist in a few days, such as a flash in the pan.

Listen to 10 seconds you will love the song

Listen to 10 seconds you will love the song:

1《Mars and Venus》;

2《Life is so cool》;

3《never say goodbye》;

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Notebook maintenance Raiders - battery articles

【Notebook maintenance Raiders - battery articles】

Laptop battery charge and discharge techniques. The use of laptop battery is a lithium battery, it has a certain memory effect. Therefore, when using the battery should be run out of power after the charge. If the battery unused for long periods, should be every few months on the battery fully charge and discharge time, in order to ensure the performance of the battery.

The world's most sparkling beaches

The world's most sparkling beaches - Glass Beach. In Fort Bragg, California, United States, the entire beach, even by the glass, colorful, dazzling. After years of erosion of the Pacific, the glass left on the beach several tons, forming a unique landscape we see today.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic history, the first handle triangle torch

【Olympic history, the first handle triangle torch】

Engraved on the Olympic torch in London 8000 ring bear to pay tribute to the life achievements of the 8000 torch bearer of moral. Torch design into the torch bearer of the symbol, which is the first time in Olympic history. The torch body are gold, the top of the triangle design, which is the torch of Olympic history-edged triangle. The non-circular torch easier to be torchbearer hold.

London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony

Queen airborne, through the Bean, Voldemort Pirates of the dream, along with Mike McCartney singing the Beatles classic songs "Hey Jude", the 30th Summer Olympics opening Ambitious, amazing, crazy, completely the England Lunfan children! This is not a concert, but the London Olympics opening ceremony. 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony of the shocking scene, together to listen to the Voice of Britain!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Google released a handwritten search

Google search engine to guide users to more than search, well-intentioned, but the search really is not cell phone users need it most. Google released a handwritten search, log in on the phone or tablet the say, open the handwriting feature in the settings, you can directly on the screen handwriting search, cool.

Olympic classic review

【Olympic classic review】

1984 Los Angeles, Li Ning arrogate three gold

1988 Seoul high sensitivity to achieve three consecutive

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lenovo Mobile for second place market share in China

【Lenovo Mobile for second place market share in China】

According to the the Shiner latest statistics, in June 2012, Lenovo Mobile in overall market share, the smartphone market share tops in second place. Lenovo mobile phones beyond the 11% market share to Nokia, the Chinese market, Nokia ranked fourth; in the field of smart phones market share of 13.1 percent, second only to champion Samsung former overlord, Nokia has slipped to seventh place.