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The most strange scientific phenomena on water seven

Water, formula H2O, every day of our lives requires it to maintain, called it the source of life is not an exaggeration. But the seemingly simple matter, it has a lot of strange phenomenon, until now, scientists still can not give a reasonable explanation. Here are seven of the most curious phenomenon:.NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64) - (Multilanguage)
1, hot water freezes more easily than cold water

Two cups of volume of water, hot and cold, into the same refrigerator, ice could be your first cup of hot water, and why? The earliest attention to this issue is a high school student, it was in 1963, a high school student in Tanzania Mpemba found his hot milk more easily than normal milk made ice cream in the refrigerator, he would not understand, So he asks his teacher, but the teacher did not believe with sarcasm tone: This phenomenon is Mpemba physical, rather than common sense physics of our universe. Fortunately Mpemba did not give up, he convinced a physics expert to do this experiment, and the ultimate proof that this phenomenon does exist. Then after a series of setbacks, this phenomenon ultimately prove to Mpemba phenomenon..NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64) - Web Installer (Multilanguage)

Scientists explain this phenomenon ultimately made is: supercooling phenomenon (explained later), evaporation, convection, and so causes this result, one thing is certain, the hot water temperature at the start of the icy cold water is indeed higher than the knot When the temperature of the ice, but the formation of the final frozen state, the elapsed time is less than the cold water.

2, "the phenomenon of supercooling" and "instant ice"
We know that water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius start, but not all the time like this, even if the temperature has been below freezing, the water still does not freeze in some cases, of course, the atmospheric pressure is standard atmospheric pressure..NET Framework 4.5 Language Pack (x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Simplified)

This phenomenon is caused by the water to freeze at least one wheatgrass "nuclear" (nucleus), on this basis, the core can begin formal crystallization (water molecules surrounding the nucleus starts to crystallize the need to form a water in any region ice). Without this nucleus, as if this process does not freeze switch is opened, the water had to continue to cool. Then if the outside to a stimulus, who seems to open a switch, like instant freeze that process was very interesting..NET Framework 4.5 Language Pack (x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Traditional)

3, glass of water
Someone asked you: water in several states? You will answer: three kinds. But this answer is not accurate, who have five different states liquid, there are 14 different solid state. Supercooling phenomenon mentioned earlier, it is still pure water freezes below the freezing point, however, when even the purest water, lower than -38 degrees Celsius will freeze, but continue to freeze what will happen then? When the temperature is below minus 120 degrees Celsius, the ice becomes less hard, but a sticky solid, lower than minus 135 degrees Celsius, it will become a non-crystalline state "glass of water.".NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (ia64) (English)

4, molecular components
A neutron experiment makes 1995 so far baffled: water molecule is bombarded with neutrons, protons hydrogen than the theoretical value obtained at least 25%, which means that the water is not the formula H2O, but H1.5O, This ...... you heard it half a proton?.NET Framework 4.5.1 (x86 and x64) - (Multiple Languages)

5, the water has memories?
A medical therapy, you need multiple drugs to dilute the King figure, solvents too, with statistical calculations, one dose of the drug solution ultimately will not even have a molecule drugs, but it does have the efficacy of the drug agent, which is how else? Scientists give a paradoxical statement: "water memory" phenomenon, the water molecules will "remember" the initial dissolution of the drug to the state of water, even if diluted N times. There are many scientists believe that this phenomenon is too ethereal and experimental attempts to prove it by mistake, but so far, seemingly has no absolute conclusion..NET Framework 4.5.1 Developer Pack (x86 and x64) - (Multiple Languages)

6, "Ice Spike" formation
This is not like an ice pick as upside down on the roof, but distilled water in the ice formed during a root up "ice nail." Its causes, when the ice box in the water begins to solidify, the edge of the first formation of ice, so slowly it will form a central hole in the ice there, around the hole when the water starts to condense, as under the ice is limited to swell when water condensation, so cave water will be forced to start condensation along the hole up, and slowly form a hollow and there is water ice nails.

7, boiling water becomes a snowball

Minus the air, the hot boiling water thrown out, it will soon turn into a snowball..NET Framework 4.5.1 Language Pack(x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Simplified)

History of the most mysterious coincidence 10

First, key coincidence
American single women Wei Liande once forgot his keys to go and when to go home was blocked outside the home. At the time she was unable to do anything, the postman delivered a letter from her brother, just sandwiched a key to her house in an envelope! In the letter, he said his brother, the last time he came to visit, Wei Liande gave him a extra door key, and when he returned to Washington Shique forget also, had sent her.Microsoft .NET Framework 4 for Server Core (x64) - (English)

Second, the two Laura
In June 2001, the British 10-year-old Costa Hargreaves city girl Laura Buxton will name and home address written on a small label, the Department of flying in a balloon. Balloon flew over 140 miles, fell a resident family, incredibly, this is also called Laura Buxton's daughter, and just 10 years old!

Three serious errors

Living in the US Alabama Doris and Zerah sisters want to visit each other at home, give each other a surprise. So they bid farewell to his family, drove from their home in the car, driving along Highway 25 toward each other at home, however, in certain sections of the middle of the road, which the sisters car suddenly met together, the sisters died at the same time..NET Framework 4 KB2468871 (x86, x64, and ia64) - (Multiple Languages)

Fourth, cursed sports car
US movie star James Dean 1955 driving his car died in a car accident when famous ride. His bike crashed sports car was later towed to a repair factory, in the demolition process, with the support of the car jack suddenly fell to the ground, cut the legs of a repairman. The car engine was later sold to a doctor, he was the engine installed in his own car, which doctors later died in a car accident while driving a car race, the other to buy a Dean abandoned cars racing driver shaft direction , also died in a car accident. Dean car shell was used to show, however, has burst fire hall. Another time, it fell from the booth, smashing a hip tourists bone..NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (x86, x64, ia64) - EXE (English)

Five suicide leap
When the Czech capital Prague, housewife Vera Jie Make discovered her husband after her infidelity, she thought of suicide, she jumped down from three buildings, it fell to the one just came out from under the apartment of a man who , impact force stoned these men, while Villa is only slightly injured. This man is the husband she has a change of heart!
Six, "Death" also resort
In 1946, a week in New York "Alton late-Intelligencer," the obituary editor Westphalia vacation, the "Alton late-Intelligencer" actually has not received an unprecedented case of obituary ad! Instead of the usual, weekly newspaper obituary ad never received less than 10!.NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 (ia64) - EXE (English)

Seven Bridge of Death

In 1957, California passed a bridge when Bissinger neighborhood, killed by a car; two years later, his son Hiram through the same bridge when a truck and was crushed to death; Six years later, 14-year-old grandson Bissinger Dai Wei Whistler on the bridge when playing a high-speed passing car, the Whistler pressed into patties.

Eight, reunion bracelets

Britain's Barbara Hutton once accidentally her antique bracelet washed down the toilet drain. One day, when she came to a jewelry store I would like to re-purchase a bracelet when, shortly after a man with her lost the bracelet into the jewelry store, asked the shop owner estimates about price. According to this man he said he was cleaning up work when cleaning up sewer found the bracelet..NET Framework 2.0 SDK (x86) (English)

Nine, fatal test

August 1995, Essex, UK Lisa Potter and the mother walked along the railway line 埃塞克斯莫 Heights * crossing, Lisa's father 11 years ago, it is to be a railroad crossing in the passing train ran over and killed, so Lisa's mother refused to pass through this railway. Lisa considered to eliminate the mother's fear, and that they should first pass through the railway, so she went to the railway, but in this case, a train suddenly opened, the Lisa killed..NET Framework 2.0 SDK (x64) (English)

Ten, floated the phone number

In 1990, Australia was the man entrusted to watch soccer finals in the stadium, an excited audience will print a post office phone number yellow book torn scrap of paper and shredded paper thrown into the air sky. A piece of debris was blown pop knee, he picked it up and saw that says his name, address and telephone number on this scrap of paper..NET Framework 2.0 SDK (ia64) (English)

Apple 30 years 21 greatest moments

(1) apple establishment
April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) and Ronald Pooh (Ronald Wayne) co-founded the Apple computer company, they sell The first computer in Jobs 'parents' garage assembled. Apple I computer sells for $ 666, and its frequency is only 1 MHz, [memory] is only 8KB. In accordance with existing standards, it is only the equivalent of a power shortage pocket calculator.Microsoft Developer Security Resource Kit (English).
(2) Lisa computer
January 19, 1983, Apple introduced the Lisa computer, it named after the daughter of Steve Jobs. Lisa is the world's first use of computer graphics interface, which is priced at $ 9,995, primarily for the enterprise market. As the price [check prices Apple supermarket] too expensive, many users turn to buy IBM PC. The industry agreed that, Lisa computer is one of Apple's biggest mistake.
(3) commercial
January 22, 1984, Apple Macintosh ad aired in the US Super Bowl televised contest. This ad is named "1984", with a novel of the same name as the background. Advertising, once broadcast, immediately caused an unprecedented sensation, won prolonged applause from critics over the years by the media as the most outstanding 20th century commercial. At the same time, "1984" for the next 20 years Apple ads set the tone..NET Framework 3.0 Redistributable Package (Simplified Chinese).
(4) Macintosh computers
January 22, 1984, Apple also introduced the Macintosh computer, which is one of the company's history the most successful products. Macintosh is priced at $ 2,495, is the world's first to support a graphical interface, while the price [check prices Apple supermarket] relatively low computer. With the Macintosh graphical interface and gradually replaced the text-based systems, and ultimately become the mainstream computing world.
(5) In the commercial market Difficult
May 27, 1985, when the only thing worse than a large US software company Microsoft for the Macintosh introduced Lotus Jazz software. Jazz includes a variety of applications for word processing, databases and spreadsheets, Lotus hopes that it will be to invest in the enterprise market "blockbuster." But it did not, Jazz eventually became a disappointing product. A Lotus executives joking manner said: "The first month we sold 62,000 sets of Jazz, but the first month return of 6.4 million units .Jazz failure is so that the user can also give us the piracy sent back. "In the commercial market, Macintosh failed to achieve education and graphic design market with the same success.
(6) Desktop Publishing
May 27, 1985, Aldus company for the Macintosh introduced PageMaker 1.0 (the first version of PageMaker for Windows until January 1987 was released). PageMaker price of $ 7,000 with a combination of Apple LaserWriter, Macintosh finally have their own "killer" applications - desktop publishing.
(7) Exit Jobs
Since a quarter of the $ 17.2 million loss, Apple CEO John Scully (John Sculley) start to lead the company to restructure. September 17, 1985, then Chairman of the Board of Directors of Apple Steve Jobs chose to withdraw. After leaving Apple, Jobs created NeXT computer company, Apple's holdings of its own shares to 1 share and $ 10 million acquisition of Pixar Animation..NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) (Simplified Chinese).
(8) Mac Plus computer
January 16, 1986, Apple introduced the Mac Plus computer. Mac Plus breaking the 512KB [memory] limit, using a 1MB [memory]. In addition to 4MB [memory] outside can be upgraded to, it has a faster SCSI port, an external hard drive or printer. Mac Plus until 1990, "retired", sales reached 100 million units.
(9) PowerBook 100 notebook
October 21, 1991, Apple introduced the PowerBook 100 notebook. In fact, Apple as early as two years before the launch of the 15 pounds of portable Mac, but due to slow, the price [check prices Apple supermarket] expensive, the product failed to succeed in the market. PowerBook 100 can be seen as the predecessor of many modern laptops.
(10) set up the Apple alliance
In order to fight back in the personal computer market, Intel and Microsoft Alliance (Wintel alliance), Apple, IBM and Motorola and other companies on October 2, 1991 established a technology sharing alliance, PowerPC chip is the product of this alliance.
(11) PowerPC chip release
March 14, 1994, on the 10th anniversary release of Mac computers, Apple introduced the first three models using the Power PC Mac computer chip: Power Mac 6100,7100 and 8100. This three models priced computer products with the Wintel alliance was quite, then as part of the Intel Pentium processor recall, and delayed release of Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, Power Mac has become the first choice for many users.
(12) "clone" Mac
January 4, 1995, Apple announced the Power Computing and Radius company Macintosh operating system license that allows the two companies produce "clone" Mac. There is no doubt that Apple hopes will expand its market share. Unfortunately, the "clone" Mac is more powerful, while the price of [Apple supermarket check prices] is less than the Mac. Affected by this, Apple's sales continued to decline, even with some licensing fees will not help. In 1998, Apple's annual revenue of $ 5.9 billion, well below the $ 9.8 billion in 1996, market share fell to 4.1%.
(13) "hibachi" PowerBook
April 28, 1995, Apple released the PowerBook 5300, the product went on to become the laughing stock of the industry. PowerBook 5300 there is a major flaw, charge can cause the battery to burst into flames. While Apple after [repair] the defects, and lower prices [check prices Apple supermarket], but still became the PowerBook 5300 a failure of the product. At the same time, Apple has been derided as "bad imitation" of Windows 95 listed only four days to sell 1 million copies.
(14) Steve Jobs returned
December 20, 1996, Apple's price of $ 400 million [check prices Apple supermarket] acquisition of NeXT's products and technology, but the most valuable assets acquired is Steve Jobs. On the surface, it was only a consultant Steve Jobs Mac OS, but in reality is not so simple. Shortly thereafter, Apple's then-CEO Gil Amelio (Gil Amelio) out, Jobs became interim CEO. Steve Jobs took office the first thing is to end the "clone" Mac protocols..NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) (English).
(15) Microsoft shares Apple
August 6, 1997, Steve Jobs announced that Microsoft will sell $ 150 million worth of non-voting shares. Since then, Microsoft and Apple long-hostile relations eased slightly.
(16) iMac release
August 15, 1998, Apple released the first iMac. Macintosh back to a fully integrated design, and began to use a different color chassis appearance. iMac in the consumer market was a great success from the publisher to withdraw from the market in early 2003, the original version of the iMac has sold more than 600 million units. Steve Jobs just return, Apple's market capitalization less than $ 2 billion, has now increased to $ 52 billion.
(17) iPod released
November 10, 2001, Apple released the iPod digital music player. Over the past few years, Apple's PDA (Newton and eMate) and game systems also employ a variety of innovative, but did not succeed. iPod is completely different, it is an extension of the spirit of the Mac, its design and release timing is perfect.
(18) Mac OS X released
March 24, 2001, Apple released the Mac OS X operating system. For Apple, this is a very bold move, because it means that the company will "abandon" the old version of the operating system. Mac OS X is based on Jobs' NeXT company during the work, rooted in Unix it has the powerful features and superb stability.
(19) iTunes release
Use iPod's success in the market, Apple on April 28, 2003 released the iTunes music store, began selling online music. Through iTunes, users only pay 99 cents, you can download music directly to your iPod. This is the industry's first legal music download service, as of February 2006, iTunes has sold 1 billion songs.
(20) in cooperation with Intel
January 10, 2006, Steve Jobs together with Intel CEO Otellini showed the first Mac computers using Intel processors, which make a lot of Mac fans imagine. Jobs said Apple abandon PowerPC chip is mainly due to the development of the product is too slow..NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x64) (English).
     (21) iPhone release
   Needless to say, iPhone is a hugely popular mobile phones. About to launch a second generation. China Mobile will soon want it to China.

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Seven kinds of alternative energy and alternative energy-driven cars

Oil crisis of alternative energy has become a hot topic. The article introduces seven new petroleum alternative energy, and the use of these seven alternative energy vehicles.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - MSI (English).

Was as high as $ 4 per gallon gasoline combustion petrol become a luxury, the search for alternative energy sources has become an urgent task. But which cars can use these alternatives? Hydrogen fuel cells, biodiesel, electricity and compressed air in front of these alternative energy, industry is working hard to use these alternative energy research and development to a new generation of transport vehicles. These new, environmentally friendly cars and alternative energy sources as full of imagination and attention, especially seven car described below. Compressed air cars,MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Chinese-Simplified)

In these vehicles, the most funny is this compressed air driven car. The car was designed by a French engineer and will be listed in 2010 in the United States, compressed air is used to drive its energy. It makes it difficult to believe that this car uses only compressed air as an energy source of the car actually can reach a cruising speed of 35 mph. (If your heart can afford it, this car plus a few drops of gasoline to heating and compressed air can make the car reaches 90 mph speed). Even more notable is that the price is less than the price of the car is only $ 20,000, almost anyone can have her.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Chinese-Traditional)
Vegetable oil

Environmentalists are coveted in driving a vegetable oil-powered cars, even if this idea is just an idea. Now that we have this conceptual vision into a reality. Volkswagen enthusiasts can now drive a car without waiting for full use of cleaner biodiesel Beetle. Beetle on display here belongs to the use of biofuels series Beetle car, she belonged to a headquarters in Maui's first fully use 100 percent biodiesel car rental agency.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (French)
Hydrogen fuel cells

The use of hydrogen-powered cars of the idea of ​​environmental protection have been tempted several drivers who for years. But car manufacturers are still faced with a series of technical challenges (such as how to effectively prevent the storage of hydrogen or hydrogen freezing and the fire in the car), even if such problems did not stop to save energy hydrogen powered concept car come out. The car is the model from the luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz. (But do not expect the price of the car and in front of that section of the air-driven vehicles the same price).MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (German)

Most of us have used alcohol in the car, federal law provides for the purchase of gasoline we want to add a certain percentage of alcohol. By 2010, Suzuki Motor Corporation will begin selling full use of 100% ethanol-powered cars. First car (above) will be E25 sedan, this car sold in Brazil in March this year, the United States will follow the model sold.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Italian)
Water (yes, water)

The Japanese cars (called Genepax) can travel at 80 kilometers per hour, within an hour using a liter of water as its energy source. The cars using hydrogen produced from water (original electronic electron, it seems wrong) to produce electricity, the power of the electric motor drive the car. For those who are convinced that no cars can drive water people, this Genepax is a powerful counterattack.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Japanese)
Electric (beauty, huh)

This car seems to only appear in the movie, but this Moovie car is real, and is driving the human flesh and blood. French carmakers Peugeot car manufacturing space modeling, two-seat concept car by two huge front-wheel drive, front wheel speeds can be different and make a full 360 degrees of rotation. There is no news to say when or whether it will sell the car, but even the appearance of this prototype is enough exciting.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Korean)
Sawdust (Aka biomass)

If you're surprised to have a car capable of using air and water as drive, then the car more aroused your interest. Car rough outdoor car use wood as an energy source. Yes, this is what people used wood fire heating in an oven or a kind of bonfire. Wood dust is a part of raw material, biomass refers to living organisms or just died can be used to burn parts.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Spanish)

A cottage only 900 yuan Disclosure of low-cost notebook behind the transmission of the disease

Resembling market selling Asus Eee PC notebook cottage, the price was 900 yuan. Why cottage notebook can be so cheap? As a user how to treat them? See Reporters unannounced visits.

Following the cottage phone, camera cottage, cottage cottage displays tide swept the IT industry, the notebook also has cottage "on stage." Mr. Lee, who lives in Chongqing Jiangbei Guanyin Bridge broke the news to reporters, said he bought a computer city from a laptop computer, shaped like a market selling Asus Eee PC, but the price was 900 yuan. Configuring a 400MHz processor, 512MB of memory, seven-inch LCD screen, but also to wireless Internet access. The same configuration of brands on the market in about 3000 yuan. This is undoubtedly a strong signal - cottage notebook has officially landed store! Why cottage notebook can be so cheap? As a user how to treat them? Look at this store unannounced visits,Platform SDK - April 2005 Edition (English).

Sources Used mostly assembled or refurbished machines

The cottage is the most eye-catching words this year, its feature is the product of cheap low-quality, and ability to imitate is very strong, update speed, take the civilian route! But the cottage cottage phone notebook can reproduce brilliant it? Under the guidance of reporter Lee, they found the cottage notebook business, sales personnel Zhang told reporters, in him 1000 yuan can be installed for each brand of housing and higher reliability than those online now Several city basically cottage notebook computer, but I did not dare to openly sell it,Translation Glossaries - Readme File (English).

"Cottage notebook users to find out a lot, but really bought or less." Mr. Zhang said, "cottage notebook biggest advantage is cheap, and in four or five markets, the cottage was more shipments than the big city more of these books is not too outdated configuration, compact and convenient, can meet the daily basic applications. In the current low-cost notebook market, although second-tier brands have also introduced a $ 1999 notebook, but for users, the price cheaper the better , so give the space cottage development. "

Reporter unannounced visits in the way from time to time to ask cottage notebook users, so take the opportunity and they struck up a conversation. Engaged in agricultural work of Liu told reporters that because of his work travel, with large-screen notebook is very convenient, but the small screen notebook prices more expensive, the price and the basic configuration of the cottage attracted him, so take a look. In the election, when he does not pay attention to brand, but tend to service, this look a little cottage, we found all no after-sale protection, worry about data stored on the notebook is lost, although the price is cheap but still can not buy,Translation Glossary (English-UK).

City cottage notebook computer is through what channels come from? Reporter multi inquire, according to industry sources said the cottage is basically two mobile phones assembled or refurbished machines, quality is difficult reassuring. Businesses in the accessory of choice, in order to save costs, generally use inferior components in cooling capacity, stability, everyday applications exist questioned. Meanwhile, cottage notebook basically no environmental protection and energy capacity, but through simple assembly, the parts into a template on the ship, hardly any relevant certification. Cottage notebook to the dealer indeed bring good profit gains, the current proxy a well-known brand notebooks profit of 3% to 5%, while sales profit cottage is as high as 20%,Translation Glossary (Chinese-Simplified).

One low-cost killer: AMD cheap processor

Finally he went to great lengths to find out from the dealer to some inside. Because between notebook brands, each will have a different number of purchase price discounts according to different levels, it is this opportunity to the cottage manufacturers. Cottage manufacturers and some brands private agreements, large-scale purchase and then by the brand manufacturers and distributors to the cottage will be part of the chip business, so we were getting low. Purchase additional processor chip is a major obstacle, especially Intel series accessories more difficult to obtain; therefore cottage another way, basically using AMD cheap processor. Due to continuous pressure Centrino technology, AMD in the mobile market is not large, the lack of relevant product design support. With the AMD chip cottage notebook, a lot of copy mature Centrino notebook products, produced numerous models AMD scarce. Taken specific AMD processors, starting from the cost are low-end product line,UI Strings Glossary Jan 2012 (x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Simplified).

Low killer of the two: Copy mold

In the eyes of brands, notebook mold costs are very expensive, generally in the millions of dollars or more, many well-known brand in the control of costs have also used a number of models share a mold, in order to save costs. But the problem for the cottage, the mold fee is basically negligible. Common cottage providers are basically copying the way brands mold, so that a very low cost (mainly for machine time investment), but also with the circuit board design capabilities. The public version of the motherboard plus technical support, you can easily imitate the mold.

Low killer of three: cheap battery

At present, the laptop battery is generally 3000mAh to 4500mAh, there are very few with 6000mAh, the higher the value, the same configuration used in a long time. However, when you look closely cottage notebook found that use of the battery is cheap, only 2200mAh battery that can only be maintained for about tens of minutes of use, have a certain influence on mobile use. Conventionally, ordinary battery capacity is more than the 4000mAh, better, best use of time about 2-3 hours, in order to meet the needs of our daily outdoor activities,UI Strings Glossary March 2011 (x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Simplified).

Low killer of four: the poor quality of the liquid crystal panel

As we all know, laptops using flat panel liquid crystal display (LCD), laptop LCD is the most expensive component, accounting for about 40% of the total cost of the machine. Dealer told reporters, according to the quality of the current LCD panel can generally be divided into A, B, C three grades, in principle, A grade best suited for LCD panel manufacturing, class B panel will be absorbed mostly no-name vendors, C-level panel It is completely unsuitable for the production of liquid crystal. But C-level panel due to low prices, will be buying a lot of cottage manufacturers, for the processing of liquid crystal displays. In addition, some cottage notebook panel is detached from second-hand laptop refurbished. Cottage notebook's LCD screen brightness, contrast, color and so on differ widely with the industry standards, the use of these inferior cottage LCD screen not only easily lead to visual fatigue, long-term use of this product, may lead to vision loss.

Conclusion: rational view of cottage notebook

In the IT market, the cottage has been involved in mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras, LCD monitors, notebook computers and other types of products. But overall, because subject to technical, sale and other factors, the relatively limited size of the market, and there is no impact to the traditional products. For cottage notebook, many users showed his calm and rational side, after all, the notebook market is different from the mobile phone market. In addition to low hardness cottage notebook shell, the whole heavy weight and short battery life, but if the quality of the cottage laptop how strong, how strong performance, this is absolutely unrealistic. But on the other hand an optimistic point of view, the emergence of cottage notebook, to the highly competitive notebook industry has brought a glimmer of change, hope that this change allows notebook prices getting cheaper, giving users also bring more benefits .

A week later the phone is still using fish belly

Recently, the British businessman lost cell phone on the coast, was surprised to find phone "run" to a cod's stomach! Even more staggering is that in the maw yard stuffy cell phone for a week, even to work. It turns out to be "the world's great wonders!"Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1 (x86) (English).

According to British media reported on the 26th, a week ago, 45-year-old British businessman Andrew Xie Teer, at the beach to play accidentally lost his Nokia mobile phone. Andrew said that the phone must have slipped out of the pocket, and then washed away by the sea. A week later, Andrew's girlfriend received a phone call from a fisherman is, the number is Andrew. The other claimed Andrew picked up the phone,Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1 (x64) (English).

It turned out that the fishermen when fishing Glenn Craig caught a nearly 25 pounds of cod. He found some unusual cod's stomach, cut open the stomach only to find even have a phone. Andrew phone after drying, delighted to find that it can work properly.

In an interview, Andrew said: "I thought the phone by the sea washed away and beat a few times did not respond, I gave up Glenn called, my girlfriend and I are visiting the mobile phone market, ready to buy one. The new models. When he told me the phone while maw yard, I could not believe it. While the belly for a week, and smells foul, but after clean the phone can still work. "Windows MultiPoint Mouse Software Development Kit 1.5.1 (x86 and x64) - (English).

Glenn said: "The first big mouth cod is a particularly greedy animals can eat anything I had cod's stomach had found plastic cups, stones, spoons, batteries, and even dentures this actually. found a cell phone, this is simply unbelievable. It sounds a bit like a myth, but it is true! "Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard SDK (English).

What a bunch of foreigners google search?

If you're interested to see these American version of Google Suggest ...... you know how bored foreigner.

531w results from Keyword: How to get pregnant

6940w results from Keyword: How to make money:Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1 (x86) (Chinese-Simplified)

3260w results from Keyword: How to get over someone

329w results from Keyword: Who do I have to be to make you sleep with me.

84.1w results from Keyword: I have a large cat in my pants

330w results from Keyword: I have a large uterus

2y5600w results from Keyword: I want to die.

68w results from Keyword: Why do I have green poop

78.3w results from Keyword: I have one testicle:Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1 (x64) (Chinese-Simplified)

1240w results from Keyword: I have three breasts

32w results from Keyword: I have three testicles

106w results from Keywords: Sex is for making babies and revenge

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Ten male and female brains different about you do not know

Man and woman's brain has some very interesting difference, here we have a collection of some of the differences in this regard.

1. The man's brain bigger, but with age, men brain atrophy faster than women,.NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 (ia64) - EXE (English).

2. The woman brain temperature higher because burning more glucose.

3. Consideration of the time, women use more parts of the brain.
The man in gray matter of the brain that contain a 6.5-fold woman, but the woman in the white matter of the brain is 10 times the men. The researchers noted that the findings may explain the long-standing argument that men are often more adept at computing, while women are even better in terms of language,.NET Framework 2.0 SDK (x86) (English).

5. Men on IQ tests generally higher than women 4,5 points, which is published in September 2006 "Intelligence" magazine reported.

6. In general, men would think about sex every minute issue. Relatively speaking, women do not often think of it, maybe twelve days will think about it.

7. Why do women always want to say that? Research findings and others through verbal communication, can a woman feel the joy of the brain, even momentarily climax,.NET Framework 2.0 SDK (x64) (English).

8. The study found that baby girls than boys noise has a more intense reaction.

9.20 seconds of hugging a woman can stimulate the brain oxytocin (oxytocin) release the chemical ingredients can make a woman hugging her people a sense of trust.

10. The man used the words every day less, according to the study, the gap between the amount of words can reach 1,000 men and women every day to 10,000,.NET Framework 2.0 SDK (ia64) (English).

10 myths about beer

Beer is a very cool fresh drink, we like to drink. But 10 errors of common sense, you know?
1. A light beer does not cause a beer belly
To be sure, a light beer indeed calories than regular beer less. General ordinary beer containing more than 200 calories, and a light beer only 90-100 calories. But this little bit of difference is not large enough to let you get rid of the dangerous beer belly. In fact this little heat completely negligible,Microsoft .NET Framework 4 for Server Core (x64) - (English).

2. The darker the beer, the higher the alcohol content.
This statement is not correct. Beer is made at the end of which the color depth of malt how caused. Regardless of the alcohol content.

3. Thermal beer frozen beer will deteriorate.
This statement is not entirely correct. If you repeat the heating and then cooling, re-heating, then cooling, N times, the quality of the beer does change occur. But who so BT had. In fact beer is not so easy to be broken, and you can put fresh beer kept in the dark days, still no problem.

4. (relative to the United States) more foreign beer fresh
The source of this misunderstanding is because the United States and other countries caused by different beer standard. United States to use the 'Alcohol By Weight' That weight, and most other countries use the "Alcohol by Volume" That volume. But in fact this has nothing to do with alcohol, but nothing indicates various capacities.

5 The Guinness beer, Ireland produced the best.
Although Ireland is a country with a long tradition of local beer production. But The Guinness as a beer brand, will not allow him similar products appear on any of the different quality difference, it's not on my own brand of it? So this idiot to say, and can not guarantee the quality of beer,.NET Framework 4 KB2468871 (x86, x64, and ia64) - (Multiple Languages).

6. The beer should not be bitter.
Among beer bitterness from the hops. The hops are used to prevent the concentration of maltose and balance the spoiled beer. Certain brands of hops with much less hops with some brands. Therefore, it can not help but taste the same. Hops give beer in addition to bring bitterness, the same reaction and other substances to make even more delicious beer. So this argument is wrong.
7. The best beer should be packed in a green bottle

In fact, brown beer bottles are more conducive to the preservation of sunlight without deterioration. The misunderstanding comes from the World War II most European countries have adopted a green beer bottle filled in, so we are mistaken for a green bottle of beer is best.

8. Thailand Singha beer contains formaldehyde

Most of the source of this misconception and Singha beer tastes more bitter and more likely to get drunk. When Europe and America soldiers drink this beer in Thailand it is often very easy to drunk. But just because of this and say that this brand of beer contains formaldehyde, a bit too exaggerated.
9. Corona beer is the Mexican urine,.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (x86, x64, ia64) - EXE (English).

Legend of a Mexican worker in 1980 to pee into a Corona beer cans inside, and shipped to the United States. From Coronal beer in the United States a big seller.

Of course, this is just a joke. Urine and beer Is not easy to distinguish it? Oh.

10. Women do not like beer
This statement is crazy. In fact as far as I know, most women around me were also boys can drink it!

The world's most ruthless worthless money inflation

We all know that every country in the world is different currencies. There are valuable pound, euro, dollar, yen less valuable there, won something. Television every day in the reporting currency that day, which was a fortune, someone from bankruptcy. Today, we list some of the world's most worthless currency, these places just like paper money, these places are not monetary unit in the range of ordinary human beings like mathematical understanding.

1. Somalia
Currency: Somali shilling
Currency: Somali shilling 1,387.77 = US $ 1 = 7.6 yuan RMB
Somali peninsula located in the eastern part of the African continent. The coastline of 3200 km. The eastern coastal plains, central highlands and northern mountainous southwest steppe, semi-desert and desert. Tropical desert climate in most areas, the southwestern savannah climate, year-round hot, dry and dry. More than a population of about 10.4 million. The vast majority of Somalis Semitic languages.萨马勒 family accounted for 80% of the population. Somali and Arabic are the official languages. General English and Italian. Islam is the state religion,.NET Framework 4.5 Language Pack (x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Traditional).
In Somalia, anyone can use the money you killed. Somalia is said to have 500 shillings a cup, as shown, people are carrying large travel bag, packet of money. Such reasons, or that the Somali government does not have a good economic plan, without the right macro-control, leading to economic Somalia was very confusing. The emergence of a community of various eyesight underground businessman, a large number of counterfeit banknotes into the market, according to the World Bank estimates that the cash flow of Somali society in about 80% of the money input or privately printed counterfeit banknotes. The benefits of living here is that they can print money, the downside is, TMD others to print money.

2. Iraq
Currency: New Iraqi Dinar
Currency: 1260 new Iraqi dinars = US $ 1 = 7.6 yuan
Iraq is located in southwest Asia, the Arabian Peninsula northeast. An area of ​​44.1839 square kilometers. Mountains northeast is a Mediterranean-type climate, other tropical desert climate. Maximum summer temperatures up to 50 ℃, about winter 0 ℃. A population of about 23,580,000, which accounts for about 73% of the total Arab population, Kurds about 21%, the rest of the Turks, Armenians, Assyrians, Jews and Iranians like. Iraq is an Islamic state, Islam is the state religion, the country 95% of people believe in Islam, which accounted for 54.5% of Shiites, Sunni Muslims account for 40.5 percent, Kurds in the north are Muslims, They are mostly Sunni, only a few people believe in Christianity or Judaism,.NET Framework 4.5 Language Pack (x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Simplified).

The war in Iraq to the Iraqi society and the people brought grave disaster, the new Iraqi dinars with Saddam's fall but also all the way down. According to statistics, inflation in Iraq rose by 50% compared to last year, oil and gas the Iraqi black market economy becomes more chaotic. As shown, the Iraqi people living here, nothing to burn burn very comfortable to play. If money is really a price fall with a paper towel, then I would use a paper towel.

3. Korea Currency: Korean won
Currency: ₩ 2,500 = $ 1 = 7.6 yuan
North Korea is located in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula in eastern Asia. Population of 22 million. Korean nation into a single, common Korean. Temperate monsoon climate.

North Korea only a few rights in the international trade market, due to a variety of complex relations, the United States froze the North Korean accounts in foreign banks, a direct result of the decline in the Korean won. Meanwhile in recent years, North Korea soaring prices, the highest even reached 550%. This is the legend of pinching the bill as good as wrapped bread practical place. The Korean people in order to save the people who live in misery of capitalist countries, even to pay such a price is really admirable,.NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64) - Web Installer (Multilanguage).

4. Venezuela
Currency: Bolivar
Currency: Bolivar 4110 = US $ 1 = 7.6 yuan RMB people
Venezuela is located in northern South America continent. In addition to substantially the whole territory outside the mountain savannah climate. The territory has the largest gap between the world's Angel Falls, it is a famous tourist attraction. A population of about 26.56 million. The official language is Spanish. 98% of residents were Catholic.
Venezuela devalued its currency from the main reason for the huge public spending. Seemingly unbridled spending is the bounden duty of civil servants, but as oil prices remain high, the Venezuelan people still live a life of affluence, the country's economic situation is fairly good,.NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64) - (Multilanguage).
Currency: Zimbabwe Dollar
Rates: 75 Zimbabwe dollars = 1 US dollar = 7.6 yuan RMB people
Zimbabwe is located in southeastern Africa, it is a landlocked country. The whole territory of the plateau, with an average altitude of 1,000 meters. The main rivers are the Zambezi and Limpopo, respectively border with Zambia and South Africa. Savannah climate, with an average annual temperature of 22 ℃. A population of about 11.6 million. Africans accounted for 97.6% majority of the population. English, Shona and Ndebele are both official languages. 40% of the population believe in primitive religion, 58% Christian, 1% Muslim.
Zimbabwe from 2000 on, the implementation of land reform, to local produce with a great blow. Inflation and commodity shortages were so devastating capital outflows swept Zimbabwe country. IMF expects inflation in Zimbabwe is expected in 2008 when the rate will reach 600%. What a Niubi figure.

10 reasons you are not rich

In fact, you do not have to be a millionaire reason is very simple, not what you do not earn enough money, but you do not have to establish a correct attitude towards money. Listed below are the most likely reasons hinder you become rich 10:

1. Do you care about how your neighbors look at you: if you put a lot of money on in order to show off to the neighbors or friends to buy useless things up?.NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (ia64) (English)

2. You do not have patience: Maybe you owe a bunch of credit card debt just because you do not have the patience to save money it paid off.

3. Do you have some bad habits: smoking, drinking, gambling more than a waste of your money, let your spirit sink.

4. You do not have goals: If you do not set up their own financial goals, how to expect to achieve it?

5. You are not ready: accident could happen to anyone, whether you have adequate insurance to deal with them?.NET Framework 4.5.1 Language Pack(x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Simplified)

6. Do you always think flourishes: the sky will not fall.

7. Do you rely on someone else to manage your assets: Remember, when people tell you how to invest the time, they just want to earn my own money. Listen to the opinions of others, but to make their own decisions.

8. You invest in areas they do not understand: When you hear people in a particular area of ​​the lucrative hurriedly rushed to the time do not want to forget this premise: that others can profit because he knew his fields.

9. Do you extreme fear of failure: Are you a little bit of fear of loss of all the money in the bank do?.NET Framework 4.5.1 Developer Pack (x86 and x64) - (Multiple Languages)

10. Do you neglect your financial situation: consider themselves just because there is not enough rich to earn enough money, and never go to examine their spending and investment.

Different conditions, but it's large pan of ten still seem to apply to each of the people want to get rich..NET Framework 4.5.1 (x86 and x64) - (Multiple Languages)

Everyone should know the body Tips

1, if your throat itch, scratch your ears!
When the ear nerve is stimulated, it can cause reflex throat, causing muscle spasms, cramps that will ease itching.
2, ultrasonic hearing experience!
Right ear are better at listening to fast-paced conversation than the left ear, and the ear to hear better at music tunes.
3, overcome your primitive impulses!
I think peeing? No toilet nearby? Imagine then Jessica Simpson. Head full of fantasies make hello through the point. For best results, try Simpson's "These Boots Are Made for Walking" that dish,.NET Framework 3.0 Redistributable Package (Simplified Chinese).
4, do not feel pain!
German researchers found that at the time of injection needles cough can alleviate the suffering caused. This little trick will cause a sudden temporary intraspinal intrathoracic pressure rises and, thus inhibiting spinal pain transmission organization.
5, let your nose smooth!
A simple, rapid, and inexpensive way to relieve sinus pressure is pushing the upper part of the mouth with the tongue from time to time, and then use one finger to press your eyebrows.
6, the right medicine!
Fear and from stomach wings fly out at night? The left side sleep! Studies have shown that sleep less likely left lying man suffer of the acid reflux. Because the esophagus and stomach connect at an angle, when you right side, the stomach is higher than the esophagus, stomach acid flows to make pipes. And when left lying stomach lower than the esophagus, so gravity in your favor,.NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) (Simplified Chinese).
7, no mouth can cure your toothache!
All you need to tiger's mouth (the V-shaped webbed area between your thumb and index finger) on the rubbing of a piece of ice can be. Compared with no ice, this method can be reduced by 50% of the pain. Neural tiger's mouth will stimulate certain areas of the brain, thereby preventing the face and hands came the pain signals.
8, so that burns disappear!
Burn your fingers when you're not careful, immediately clean the skin with the palm of the injured gently press the wound, then ice - ice will quickly relieve your pain. This natural way you can burn the skin back to normal temperature, the skin is not easy to blisters.
9, let the world stop rotating!
Drunk feel dizzy? Please hand on a solid object. Stable object gives the brain came tactile secondary judgment, make you more balance.
10, flank pain no longer!
If you're like most people, when you hit the ground running in his right foot and breath. This will give your liver downward pressure, thereby pulling down one side of the diaphragm causing irritation. Workaround: exhale when the left foot touch the ground.
11, with one finger bleeding!
Pinch the nose and his head is a great way to stop a nosebleed - if you do not mind being choked own O positive blood type. A more civilized approach is: the plug on some cotton in your gums - is on your people (small dent below your nose) back, and press firmly to it. Most bleeding from the front of the diaphragm (the cartilage wall separating the nose), so press people can help stop the bleeding.
12, let your heart stay calm!
In trying to calm jitters on the first date? Blow it to your thumb, which makes your heart rate back to normal. Vagus nerve through breathing to control heart rate,.NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) (English).
13, thaw your brain!
Ice cream (Chipwich ??) eat too much too fast will make some people feel the brain cold. The reason is the nerve palate has become very cold, your body thinks your brain has been frozen, cause "ice-cream headache." To counteract this effect, you can go with the flat of his tongue against the palate, the greater the coverage of appointment, the harder the sense of a headache subside sooner.
14, to prevent myopia!
Myopia is rarely because of genetic factors, is usually caused by a "near point of tension." In other words, you see staring at a computer screen for too long. Prevention methods are: close your eyes every few hours a day, strained muscles, then a deep breath, exhaled a few seconds and then relax the muscles at the same time.
15, wake up, "dead" body!
If you are driving or in strange numb hands when sedentary position, please shake your head left and right. This can painlessly disperse your numbness (pins and needles) in a minute
16, so that friends you impressed!
The next time you participate in Party, try this trick: make a person put out a side arm, palm down, and asked him to maintain this position. Then you two fingers pressed his wrist, he can still maintain the original position. Now, let him put his feet on a half-inch-tall plane (such as a pile of magazines), again pressing his wrist. This time, he could not even stand up straight. The reason is that his spine and hip have been offset because the offset.
17, underwater breathing!
If you desperately want to get back the pond bottom of the egg 25 cent coin, effectively short the first couple of cleansing breaths. When you're underwater, not a lack of oxygen makes you desperately want to breathe, but because of the increase of carbon dioxide to make your blood acidic, which spread to your brain bad signal. And when you hyperventilate, the oxygen injection reduces the blood acid,.NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x64) (English).
18, to understand the brain!
If you want to make a speech tomorrow, preferably before going to bed to see it again. Because most memory strengthening process occurs during sleep, anything bedtime reading are more likely to be encoded growing memory.

All facts on Black Friday the 13th superstition foreigners

1. Every 13th day coincides with Friday, the United States bear the approximate loss of 8-9 billion dollars in business, because there are a lot of people these days do not choose to fly or conduct normal business activities.

2. There is no historical data can confirm the origin of this superstition. However, before the 20th century, although it has been considered 13 and Friday are not lucky, but did not link the two.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Spanish).

3. The earliest reference to "the 13th Black Friday" a document from the early 1900s.

4. In all speak English, German, Polish and Portuguese among countries around the world, all that on the 13th of each month, if coincides with Friday is an unlucky day.

5. aftermath of the 13th day of Black Friday, many people can not even get out of bed. According to the research firm estimates there are about more than 1,700 people in the day on tenterhooks.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Korean).

6. This fear of Black Friday the 13th is called: paraskavedekatriaphobia.

7. At least once a year, at most thrice yearly, 13 participants met Friday, occurred in the past 28 years there over 48 times, an average of 1.7 times per year.

8.1993 published in "The British Medical Journal" noted that whenever Black Friday coincided with the 13th time, will significantly increase the number of car accidents.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Japanese).

9. Black Friday, the 13th, is also considered apocalyptic.

10. Black Friday religious origins. According to the "Bible" records: Jesus called 12 disciples to preach in the Jewish country. After the hatred for the Jewish authorities arrested sent to the Roman Empire in the Jewish governor Pilate, Friday crucifixion. Since then, the Christian nations of "Friday" and "13" two numbers and days of taboo.Microsoft Developer Security Resource Kit (English).

In the West, the 13th coincided with Friday, is known as "Black Friday."
There are many Westerners taboo "13", because, according to the superstition that, as long as the 13th day of each month, 12 witch (witch) Carnival Night will be held in the first 13 Satan will be the climax of the night It appears, to bring disaster. Thus, the West is not only taboo "13" days, there is also taboo "13" numbers. A typical example is: many buildings have no 13th floor West.
Many Westerners taboo "Friday." The Bible says that God created the first man - Adam, took a rib from him and made a woman - Eve. It is said that Adam is to be made out on Friday, and he and Eve ate the forbidden fruit on Friday, Friday is also the day they died, Adam and Eve's son Cain is in the "Black Friday" killed his brother Abel.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Italian).
Britain in the past often on Friday for executing criminals, Friday, sometimes called "hanging day."
It is said that there is a song called "Black Friday", listening to people will commit suicide.

This taboo stems from two legends:

First, the legend of Jesus and his disciples before the victim had a dinner together. The first 13 people to attend the dinner is Jewish disciples of Jesus. It is this Judas to 30 silver, to betray Jesus to the Jewish authorities, resulting in the tortured Jesus. Participated in the Last Supper is 13 people, dinner date coincides with the 13th, "13" to the Lord paper brings misery and misfortune. Since then, the "13" is considered a symbol unfortunate. "13" is synonymous with treachery and betrayal.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (German).

Second, Westerners taboo "13" from the ancient Greek. Greek mythology says in Ha Fula banquet, attended by 12 gods. Among banquet, an uninvited guest - god of trouble and noisy Rocky suddenly break came. This first 13 visitors intrusion, leading pet Boer Te gods give their lives.
Many of these legends, very wide, especially on the legend of "The Last Supper" in the West has been pervasive, Leonardo also painted the famous painting "The Last Supper" widespread. Therefore, "13" has become the Western world's most taboo figures.

Because of a taboo that Westerners do everything possible to avoid "13" contacts. In the Netherlands, it is difficult to find a building 13 and 13 numbers. They use "12A" to replace the 13. Theater in Britain, you can not find 13 rows and 13. Frenchman clever, usually walkway between rows 12 and 14 theater row. In addition, it is also taboo 13 trips, more taboo with 13 people dining seats, 13 dish is not accepted.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (French).

We are Asians, on the "13" is not taboo, but in international exchanges should respect other people's customs. It is intended to depart from this, many 13-story hotel has no elevator passenger had 12 layer is 14 layers.

According to my experience, a clear understanding of the customs of various countries is not an easy task, because they have become accustomed to, do not think it strange, but often they can not tell the truth to. For example, I understand why the West does not like "13", advice from a friend, the famous British contemporary sinologist John. He spoke with a Beijing dialect, very understanding of China. One day I asked him: "Why do you British do not like 13?" This question he asked was shocked, he said: "It's hard to find out why, and I grew to know do not like 13, never explored before, but feel This is what you call the custom convention "See I told him the answer is not satisfied, he asked from me: the."? Pharaoh, do you know the reason Chinese taboo it "because it is an old friend, I do not modest, and I like challenges, "might as well try it!" I think I was not like you could not answer to. I did not expect John to me a military: "? Why do Chinese people do not like the two hundred and fifty."
"13" This figure is some western countries and peoples are deemed fierce unlucky, everything everywhere ... It is said that it originated from the religious allusions: Judas is Jesus ...MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Chinese-Traditional)

1/4 Westerners taboo "13", if "13" just in time "Friday" is considered more unlucky. Analysts believe that the problem is not these days there is no magic, but the two figures who taboo psychology at play. "13," with the "Friday" is the most "dangerous" days, which dates back to the origin of the ancient. According to legend, Judaism to Friday sunset to Saturday sunset is a rest day, called the Sabbath. According to superstition, every day, 12 witch (witch) Carnival Night will be held in the first 13 Devil (monster) appeared in the night will climax when Satan (Satan). Some interpreters of the Bible finds Adam and Eve is in this day tasting the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve's son Cain is in the "Black Friday" killed his brother Abel. Not only ordinary people, celebrities also fear "13" and "Friday." Each time, Goethe always sleep, Napoleon never use military force, Bismarck not sign any treaty, even if it is not to touch anyone's fundamental interests of the documents he would not sign it.MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - MSI (English). Former US President Hoover Roosevelt also very superstitious, who remember the month, "13" Roosevelt did not travel, although not all caught up on the 13th of each "Friday." In fact, not all of "13" are ominous, and some Europeans liked 13. Yes, Israel has been divided into 13 parts, can be a savior coming precisely on the 13th. European mystical divination There are many 13, for example, there are 13 Tian, ​​13 days door, people want to believe in God to get 13 kinds of magic pill. In ancient Egypt, Maya (Indian ethnic groups) in mind, the 13 symbol of God's favor. Some people think that not only unlucky 13, and will bring luck. Before the first pilot to fly the Atlantic Lindberg is the success of the first 13 --- 12 overflights have ended in failure ...... has long been overcome superstition (superstition), advocating science has done a lot of work. For example, in 1791, a British shipyard ready to build a ship, the manufacturer deliberately choose "13" was started, this day is the "Friday", and the boat's name is also called "Friday", the first ship sailed into the water day or "Friday."MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (x86) - (Chinese-Simplified)

Ten hardest in the history of computer games like men fighting

If you are always invincible, you do not practice fire escape; if your tank more than the other, you do not practice strategies and tactics; if you have regressed aircraft missile systems, you do not practice air combat; if your car wall automatically turning always the case, you do not have to practice driving. Yes, there are always some game you create a magical environment for your character arbitrary, fearless. You are the master of everything, and not far from the front, there is always a blood bag.Translation Glossary (Chinese-Simplified).

And here we introduce these games are completely different, it threw you a role, and then start looking for the opportunity to kill him. Get until you feel sick. But you did not stop, because it is really fun. In this process, the higher you get, the faster and stronger! You start thinking about your every move cautiously, into a good player.Translation Glossary (English-UK).

If you have completed the above ten games, you will learn the entire game world, in addition to the more important that, through this process, you can learn "to fight like a man," Oh. Start action.Translation Glossaries - Readme File (English).Translation Glossaries - Readme File (English)!

10: 4 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
9: System Shock 2
8: 2 home
7: The Ultimate Doom (FINAL DOOM) "
6: Syndicate Americas storm (Syndicate American Revolt)
5: Grand Prix Legends
4: Far Cry
3: IL -2 (IL-2 Sturmovik and add-ons)
2: Armed Assault
Platform SDK - April 2005 Edition (English)
1: Alien vs. Predator

Five of the world's most deadly city

1. Ukraine's Chernobyl
A reference to Chernobyl, people first reaction is hard core - the worst nuclear accident in history. A huge cloud of radioactive dust spread rapidly throughout the eastern part of the Soviet Union, Europe and North America. Thus infection of about 9,000 cancer deaths, 336,000 people have been displaced, generally shortened life expectancy. However, scientists James Lovelock called Chernobyl obtain ecological success: Animals can run free without fear of being killed. Enviromental Graffiti (blog party), however, took odds comments.UI Strings Glossary March 2011 (x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Simplified).

2. Russia, Dzerzhinsk
Not long ago, Russia Dzerzhinsk also manufacture large-scale chemical weapons, including mustard gas and Lewis (lewisite vinyl chlorine arsenic). Chemical weapons production stopped in 1945, but its waste was buried underground, contaminating the water and crops. However, this place is still used as the Russian Federation's largest chemical producer. The average life expectancy as low as 42 male and 47 female. This is attributed to large quantities of organic chemistry environment.

3. Dominica Henna
Henna dubbed Dominica Chernobyl. UN finds Henna people is the highest level of lead pollution in the world, and is the country. This former industrial pollution allegedly close to Baterías Meteoro a car battery recycling plant of manufacture. Although the factory moved to new premises, it can remain in local pollution.

4. Kabwe in Zambia
Kabwe in Zambia is the second largest city, is a large mine. Zambia has been mining in the 1930s until being overtaken first copper mining copper belt. In addition to lead and zinc, also produces silver, manganese and heavy metals. A large number of lead-zinc residue is local water, thus affecting the environment.UI Strings Glossary Jan 2012 (x86 and x64) - (Chinese-Simplified).

5. Peru's La Oroya
Located in the Peruvian Andes as La Oroya polymetallic smelter since 1922 is to put toxic gases. This plant belongs to the headquarters in Missouri Missouri's "all soft" company Doe Run Corporation. Local children's blood lead metal content seriously overweight. Research on Environmental Health headquarters of Peru found living in La Oroya near 99% of children have blood full content exceeds the upper limit.